Dive™ offers powerful features for Accelerated Insights 

Advanced ML

Our Machine Learning algorithms run in a parallel/distributed manner that can scale to PetaBytes while utilizing the cluster resources effectively

Simple Pricing

With a Simple fixed pricing per cluster node you know your expenses upfront. PayToGo model allows you to cancel the subscription anytime!


We built a custom tool that can help you operationalize the predictive models in no time!

Increased Productivity

With data on the cloud you can access it anytime from anywhere. Thus making your team collaborate effectively across the world.

Secure Environment

With secure, reliable environment that is maintained with regular software updates, you can now focus on your top priority work items and avoid worrying about infrastructure hurdles.

Disaster Recovery

With frequent backups (Daily/Weekly/On Demand) you can be rest assured that the work you have done is always available and never lost.

Dive™ Components

Dive Manager is the key administrative tool of the Dive platform. It helps with

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Application Management
  • Data pipeline scheduling
  • Model Publishing & Deployment

Data Journey

With prebuilt tools installed on each cluster node you can be assured to load data from any source

Database - Traditional RDBMS / NoSQL

Hadoop - Cloudera/HortonWorks/MapR

Other Sources - Flatfiles, Log Entries, Messaging Systems

Cloud Vendors - Amazon WebServices (AWS) S3 bucket

Once the predictive models are built you can either operationalize or consume the output in any of the Business Intelligence Reporting tools (MicroStrategy/Tableau/OBIEE).

Custom Services

We offer consultative services to address prospective clients business problems. Our experienced team of Data Scientists can help you with any of your pressing needs. Also our services include Big Data Solution Architecture and or Cloud Infrastructure. Please contact us for more details!


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